Thursday, 14 February 2013

This blog may...

This blog may, in many ways, be less of a conversation and more an extension of the show. Similar to the way that the show seems to extend, explode, implode, to spillover between interior and exterior, to be inclusive and exclusive, so the blog has become an extension not just of the show, but also of the processes of the show. And where Riccardo is continually moving things around, taping things up, painting things, moving things from inside to outside, from outside to inside, so posts to this blog become manipulated as images, are amended and addended, comments are made, comments become images, images become blurred, videos are posted, become re-edited, reworked.

Spatial and physical metaphors are commonplace on the web, cliched even, deeply embedded in its language and structure.  It is a spatialised network of 'sites', 'spaces', 'pages', but its space is not physical, 'real' space, it is virtual and we all know that (don't we?), and the metaphors persist and spread as many aspects of human social behaviour migrates onto and across the network. This blog exemplifies that, its posts becoming mutable, as extensions of once physical objects and relations.

How will the 'space' of this blog, re-enter the gallery space of the show? In conversation on Sunday, for sure, we're bound to be picking up on posts and comments made here.  Also the live feed of the conversation will be available on this blog, on UStream, projected in the gallery, as the permeability and flow between real time 'spaces' of the network and gallery continue to extend and multiply.

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